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TCOR Surety Bonds specializes in surety programs for select industries. We focus our energy and talents in the construction, municipal solid waste, oil & gas, property management and legal / banking industries. We don’t try to be all things to all people; instead we try to be the best in the industry at our primary areas of focus. Many agencies try to spread themselves across a very broad spectrum of surety opportunities, without going in depth in any particular specialty. At TCOR, we focus only on our core competencies to provide the best service possible to our clients.

With more than 70 years of combined surety experience on our team, we believe our backgrounds in various fields help us understand and relate to our clients’ unique business and service needs. Understanding the unique needs of each client is the cornerstone of building great relationships between the client, agent and surety carriers.  We believe that our diversity and industry awareness gives us the ability to successfully handle all of your surety needs.

Our firm enjoys the challenges of creating surety opportunities for clients that fit in all ranges of surety needs; from an up-and-coming contractor needing his first bond to waste haulers with contracts across the United States, to the large international construction and service firms with backlog’s approaching $1 billion, to commercial surety programs for national law firms. Where others see problems, we see opportunities to prove our value to our client as their business partner. TCOR Surety Bonds  has the right combination of hands-on experience and in-depth market knowledge to serve your surety needs. We believe that our creativity in program design and implementation allows us to develop the best solutions for the most difficult bonding situations.

TCOR Surety Bonds maintains relationships with every major surety carrier in the marketplace, as well as key specialty surety markets. We maintain a solid book of business that allows us access to the broad range of current surety partner options, but also to the emerging and high-growth new surety marketplace. We stay in constant communication with all parts of the surety marketplace to keep abreast of both contract and commercial surety trends and market changes. We believe that these efforts are paramount to finding the right surety partners for our clients.

Learning the goals and requirements of our client’s business plan, and how surety can play a role in that plan, is of utmost importance to our firm. Understanding how surety plays into the overall business plan is critical to choosing the right surety carrier team(s). Once we understand all of the dynamics of our client’s surety program, we can then suggest the best possible service solutions.

Have Questions?  Please call our surety department at 830-387-7019.  

Meet our Surety Bonds Experts:

Steve Smith

Steve has been in the surety & insurance business since 1993.  He has focused exclusively on surety since 1999.  Steve has experience on the company, broker, and agency side of the business. Steve has regional underwriting experience with both Safeco Insurance Company (now Liberty Mutual) and CNA Surety. Steve also has experience working in Agencies and Brokerages of various sizes which have led to his client-centered approach to the surety business. He has had the pleasure and experience of working with companies at all levels of the surety spectrum from general contractors and utility contractors applying for their first bond to some of the surety business’ top clients in the waste hauling, general construction, dredging, and pipeline fields. Mr. Smith’s varied surety experience will be asset to your company’s team.

Janis Winkler

Janis has been in the surety & insurance business since 1980.  She has been primarily focused on surety for contractors in Central and South Texas since 1984.  Janis’ clients will tell you she provides prompt and efficient service.  She understands that by doing her job it enables her clients to focus on other important issues they face. Janis is a graduate of Sam Houston State University.

Doug Brewka

Doug has been in the surety & insurance business since 2014.  Mr. Brewka Has 3 years of experience in the bonds and insurance service business.  Doug has worked in executive and business management positions experience with a heavy background and emphasis on Customer Service. Doug’s clients will tell you that he continually strives to exceed their expectations.  Doug attended Clemson University in Clemson, SC where he majored in Education and Biological Sciences.

Have Questions?  Please call our surety department at 830-387-7019.  

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