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Setting up protections for investments like property and other types of wealth is a strategy that not everyone considers, and often, people only consider it when it is too late to do anything about it. There are asset protective services that you can take advantage of to safeguard your personal assets. These strategies are a legal precaution that defends your interests from a variety of legal actions.

What is Asset Protection?

Simply put, it is the idea and strategies behind guarding your personal wealth. Asset protection strategy is a type of financial planning that is put in place to defend yourself from future creditor claims. Citizens and small businesses can use asset protection to mitigate the access creditors will have to their most valuable assets. Loss prevention is a vital precaution for any business entity to ensure the continuity of their company.

Why You Should Think About Asset Protection Planning?


These are legal actions that you can take to protect your assets. Experts also recommend that you take these precautions before a claim or liability is enacted, as it is often too late after the fact. Think of it as one more type of insurance for your financial future. Asset protection management is crucial to defend you or your business from a variety of threats.

  • Overall Protection: There are a lot of people out there worrying about the safety of their money and looking for means to protect it. Without realizing it, they are looking for asset protection. It is one part of the overall estate planning that everyone should be doing, however, not everyone is aware of the threats or the precautions you can take to avoid them.
  • Litigation: The United States is one of the most litigious countries in the world. It is an odd truth that almost anyone can try to sue you for almost anything. Certain lawsuits may not have any merit or ever see the inside of a courthouse, but that does not mean people will not make the attempt. The costs of defending yourself from any lawsuit can add up quickly. Once you add a judgment against you to the bill, the price can skyrocket.
  • Divorce: No one plans from the beginning of a marriage on getting a divorce, but it is a harsh reality of the world we live in. Matters of the heart will often prevent us from planning for the future. The truth is that we must protect our future despite how we might feel in the present. Divorces can get easily become a complicated mess, but with asset protection, both parties can part ways with fewer hurdles.
  • Creditors: Asset protection is not a means of defrauding creditors or avoiding genuine financial responsibility. However, it will be in your benefit to structure your asset protection trusts to keep your finances safe from creditors in general.

We take out insurance policies to protect our cars and homes, we should take the same precautions for our wealth and real estate. TCOR Management is here to help you protect your future today with asset protection strategies. We consider it our mission to minimize your overall risk and defend the proper functions of your life. Asset protection planning is one more way that we empower you to do just that.


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