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Join us February 16th for our Cyber Security Breakfast:  Protecting Your Information Assets

Small businesses store significant amounts of sensitive data from customer information to intellectual property. While large businesses can dedicate resources to cyber security, small businesses face the same cyber security challenges and threats with limited resources, capacity, and personnel.  44% of small businesses reported being the victim of a cyber attack, with an average cost
of approximately $9,000 per attack. Nearly 59 percent of U.S. small and medium-sized businesses do not have a contingency plan that outlines procedures for responding to and
reporting data breach losses.

All businesses, regardless of size, are at risk. Small businesses may feel like they are not targets for cyber attacks either due to their size or the perception that they do not have anything worth stealing. Only a small percentage of cyber attacks are considered targeted attacks, meaning the attacker group is going after a particular company or group of companies in order to steal specific data. The majority of cyber criminals are indiscriminate; they target vulnerable computer systems regardless of whether the systems are part of a Fortune 500 company, a small business, or belong to a home user.

TCOR Management’s Risk Control Services invites you to attend an educational seminar that will inform small business owners and their managers how to develop an information security program and implement security practices to better protect their information. For small business owners, business growth is the name of the game. It’s important to establish a cyber security protocol early that can grow with your business to protect your most critical assets.

Seating is limited to the first 18, please email to RSVP.

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