Linda Moncada Benefits Account Manager
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Favorite junk food?

Strawberry Twizzlers

If you could witness any past, present or future event, what would it be?

Birth of Christ

If you could be a fictional character, who would you choose?

Dr. Quinn – Medicine Woman

Charity of Choice?

American Cancer Society

What’s your ambition in life?

To be a strong and honest attorney.

What are you hobbies and interests?

  • Reading
  • Quilting
  • Crafts

If you could have dinner with any one person, who would that be and why?

The Lord – So that I can be reminded that he provides the strength to follow and obey him and to know that I can face any fear just knowing that he is with me.

If you could pick a talent in life, what would that be?

I would like to be able to sing.