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  1. Favorite junk food?  Tacos!

  2. If you could witness any past, present or future event, what would it be?  2004 MLB World Series

  3. If you could be a fictional character, who would you choose?   Darren’s wife, Samantha

  4. Charity of Choice?   Chosen – Providing permanent, loving and safe environments for foster and orphaned children

  5. What’s your ambition in Life?  Simple really. Maintain a close-knit family relationship at home and at work.

  6. What’s your favorite website?  Pinterest

  7. List your Hobbie(s)/Interest(s):  Baseball, cooking & photography

  8. Your Favorite Sport/Team (high school..College..or Pro)?   Boston Red Sox

  9. If you could have dinner with any one person, who would that be and why?   GWB, I’d like to know how living in the white house changed his life. How he managed family and a country at once and what his life is like now.

  10. If you could pick a talent in life, what would that be?  Running takes talent in my opinion. I have a great time practicing and learning more about this sport.