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Natural disasters or unexpected events can have all kinds of consequences for a business. It can disrupt your day-to-day productivity, shut down your operations for multiple days, or even put some companies out of business for good. No one can prevent these kinds of incidents, but we can be better prepared for them with business continuity planning.

A business continuity plan (BCP) is a structured response for emergency management that is assembled prior to an emergency or disaster. It will take critical business functions into account and build a plan for how to restore them as quickly as possible, following a disastrous event. Any business with a BCP in place will recover more effectively than a business that lacks one.

Why Do I Need Outside Help To Restore My Company?

You are an expert in the operations of your company and which parts of it are the most essential, but that doesn’t mean you are the best person to build your business continuity strategy. Setting recovery strategies and recovery time objectives take expertise and experience in service restoration.

You trust the professionals to fix your car or keep your money safe in the bank, the same rings true for business continuity and disaster recovery planning. There are several reasons you are better off with the experts on your side.

  1. Added Responsibility: Without outsourcing, your business continuity team will have to be made up of current employees. That means taking your employees away from their current tasks and asking them to do something that is outside of their expertise. You might have an effective and smart workforce, but it isn’t likely that they can become overnight experts in things like potential threats and disaster recovery.An outside provider, like TCOR Management, already has the tools and knowledge that you need to build a plan that will be tailored to the unique functions and processes of your business. Take advantage of the skills of our experts and keep your workforce on task.
  2. Complex Operations: Business continuity management (BCM) is more than just keeping some flashlights in a drawer or backing up your data on an external hard drive. It takes research into potential threats and adapting to the latest technology. We can build strategies around your essential services to restore time-sensitive functions before your business suffers any more than it has to.
  3. Ongoing Care: Protecting your business processes is a full-time job unto itself. With a service provider like TCOR Management, you will rest easy knowing that you have the ongoing care of an expert in your back pocket. An experienced service provider will update your BCP as new technology, and new strategies become available. Your business will grow and change as the years progress, you deserve a plan that will grow and change with you.
  4. Cost-Effective: We’ve already talked about using your own workforce for business continuity will waste your resources, but there are cost savings to be considered as well. Hiring an expert will save you money in more ways than one. When a disaster strikes, your operations will come to a stop. Your revenue and budget will immediately suffer, and this is a wound that will continue to bleed until you’re back up and running. The money you spend on expert service will be well worth the money you could lose without them.
  5. Risk Assessment: A significant part of business continuity planning is making risk assessments and looking at the most likely threats in your area and industry. That kind of business impact analysis (BIA) takes expertise and experience in spotting vulnerabilities. Your business needs a BC plan that is optimized for your industry and expects the most likely disasters you might face one day. The more effective your risk assessment is, the more effective your recovery will be.
  6. Greater Resources: If you are running a small business, then you know what it is like to run on limited resources. Everything must be well-managed and thought needs to go into every function of your business. When you partner with a service provider like TCOR Management, you will gain access to all of our resources and knowledge. It is like adding a whole new department to your business, but without having to manage them or pay employee benefits.

Business continuity consultants and experts will bring a lot of value to your planning and recovery strategies. A business continuity plan from a professional service provider will save your employees from added responsibility, perform complex operations for you, provide ongoing care, deliver cost-effective risk assessment, and give you access to a library of new resources to protect the continuity of your business for many years to come.


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