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At TCOR Insurance Management, our goal is to build and maintain long-term relationships with you, the client, and work with you as one of your Trusted Advisors. We believe that the responsibility of our advisors goes way beyond policy delivery and renewal payments. Our advisors strive to partner with you in the development of a long term risk management plan that is designed to reduce your total cost of risk and increase your profits with a diversified portfolio of Risk Reduction Services. As a Trusted Advisor, it is our job to help you identify those areas that are most vulnerable to loss. In our current economic climate, your loss exposures can mount daily without your knowing. We help you design an effective program to manage your total cost of risk (TCOR). This Risk Control Plan ™ helps minimize your exposures and protect your way of life. We’ll help you design a plan that suits your needs and offers you the best protection. TCOR Insurance Management will enhance the value of your insurance and risk management program. We offer a custom-designed approach to insurance and risk management for each client. We invite you to compare TCOR’s strategic benefits to what you’re currently receiving. In your first contact with our firm, you’ll notice what a difference our approach can make.

Mission Statement

To ensure client viability world-wide through Risk Management, Employee Benefits, Human Resources, and Commercial Insurance

Statement of Values

  • To always place our clients’ best interests before our own.
  • To continually strive to exceed our clients’ services expectations.
  • To consistently conduct our business with the utmost of integrity.
  • To diligently maintain our competitive advantage.
  • To deliberately foster a culture that produces great people and great results.