Setting the Record Straight on Claims Filing Misinformation

There has been and continues to be incorrect information relating to your insureds’ rights and obligations under their current policies and reporting of claims. If these posts were intended to alarm and confuse the public, then those involved have achieved their goal.

The Facts

  • The normal claims process has not changed
  • Consumers continue to have a full-range of remedies in the event an insurer acts fraudulently or in bad faith.
  • Lawsuit-abuse legislation (HB 1774) applies to lawsuits filed after September 1, 2017.
  • The Texas Department of Insurance will, as always, in catastrophic events, be monitoring the activities of insurance companies to make sure that claims are being paid properly and promptly.
  • Texas has the strongest consumer protections in the nation against insurers that unfairly deny or delay claims.

Our thoughts are with our members and the Texas communities impacted during this time of crisis. More than ever, our independent agents demonstrate their value during these times of need.

As your Association, we are here to help. Please keep in touch.


Marit Peters
IIAT Executive Director