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Why ContractCompliance®?

ContractCompliance® is a service provided by TCOR Insurance Management™, whereby TCOR’s professionals work directly with your subcontractors to ensure they meet the insurance standards set forth by your service contract. Additionally, our Risk Control Advisors review your contracts for accuracy and advise you of any inconsistencies that may affect your legal liability in the event of a loss. This unique program was developed by TCOR Insurance Management™ to ensure its clients would have the ability to work with subcontractors and/or subcontract out to a general contractor or operator and be confident that coverage in the event of a loss is comprehensive and that legal liability directed correctly.

What is Contractual Liability and how does it affect you?

Miscellaneous – ContractComplianceSigningContractual Liability, whether by the Operator, General Contractor, Subcontractor or any other person in a position to bear legal responsibility for losses on a job site is such that if the proper master service agreements and potential loss coverage’s are not in place, a business can find itself out of pocket and even out of business if a major loss occurs.

TCOR Insurance Management™ has in-house ContractCompliance® advisors that focus on working with you and your subcontractors to minimize your risk in the event of a loss. Our team of Risk Reduction Advisors are required to keep up-to-date on the many rule changes and continue their ContractReview and Risk Management education. Their expertise has saved many business owners thousands of dollars. And we can do the same for you. To see if your business qualifies, please contact Brenda Clish at (830) 387-7038 or email Brenda at