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Asset Protection through Preparedness

A business’s preparedness is built on a foundation of management leadership.  The following are good reasons why your business should invest in preparedness before a crisis.Risk

  • Up to 40% of businesses affected by a natural or human-caused disaster never reopen.
  • Customers expect delivery of products or services on time.
  • Failure to implement a preparedness program risks losing business to competitors who can demonstrate they have a plan.
  • Insurance is only a partial solution. It does not cover all losses and it will not replace customers.

How much should be invested in preparedness depends upon many factors. Laws and regulations establish minimum requirements and each business needs to determine how much risk it can tolerate.


Our goal is to provide you with the services, support and expertise your company needs to help lower your business risk when it comes to business preparedness and crisis management. TCOR offers advisor services to protect and secure your business assets. With our expertise, we can help protect the information and resources most critical to your business success and help quickly return your business to normal operations when disaster strikes. Our protection of assets advisor services are tailored to help your business manage the unexpected through business continuity and crisis management planning in such areas as workplace violence and natural disasters.

Crisis Management 

  • Assess and prioritize risks to mitigate unexpected catastrophic incidents
  • Incident or event response preparation and plan development
  • Advise on recovery (post incident) and resumption of operations

Business Continuity

  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Recovery Strategy Development
  • Plan Development
  • Testing and Tabletop Exercises

Data Breach

  • Policy and Plan Development
  • Laws and notification responsibilities

Workplace Violence

  • Plan Development and Prevention
  • Threat Response and Incident Management

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