Benefits of A Well Thought Out Crisis Communication Plan

A well-written and consistently updated crisis communication plan ensures that a company has the infrastructure in place to respond to a range of natural or man-made crises. While many companies have a crisis communication plan in place, not all plans are equipped to handle cyber security-related incidents. Below are six key elements to ensure that your crisis communication plan is prepared to effectively handle cyber security incidents.

1. The plan is comprehensible, short, and flexible.

2. One individual should be designated as the spokesperson.

3. A legal representative should be involved in the crisis communication process.

4. The plan provides proper and clear guidance to the public.

5. The plan does not conflict with other corporate plans or policies.

6. The plan is tested on a yearly basis.

Source: David Chen, an associate of Bryan Cave, and Alex Olsansky, senior corporate counsel at Diamond Resorts International.

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