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What Cyber Security Lessons Can We Learn From Sony?

“The recent Sony cyber-attack teaches some valuable lessons when it comes to protecting information. In the end it’s about the human in the formula. How security aware is your workforce to this type of attack? Will the information in your business’s internal emails withstand the “local paper” or industry website [...]

U.S. Department of Transportation Eliminates $1.7 Billion

The federal government has decided to reduce the paperwork burden on commercial vehicle drivers.  Drivers will no longer be required to fill out a DVIR if there are NO defects.  Mark your calendars.  This goes into effect 12-18-2014. U.S. Department of Transportation Eliminates $1.7 Billion Annual Paperwork Burden for U.S. [...]

Cybersecurity – coming to an office near you

“ The insider threat to data security, also called “cybersecurity” is no longer somebody else’s problem, nor merely an information technology (IT) problem. Cybercrimes are everyone’s problem. And everyone at your company needs to be part of the solution.  Has your business identified what information or data is critical to [...]