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Asset Protection assetprotection

Our goal is to provide you with the services, support and expertise your company needs to help lower your business risk when it comes to protecting your information, resources and people. TCOR offers advisor services to protect and secure your business assets. With our expertise in helping business owners lower their business risk, we can help identify the information, resources and equipment most critical to your business success. Our protection of assets advisor services, tailored to your business’ needs and operations, include help for your business to manage the unexpected through crisis management planning in such areas as workplace violence and business continuity.


Security Advisor Services

Information Asset Protection

  • Identify business’ critical information Assets
  • Review & assess information facilities, policies, processes & systems
  • HIPAA security rule compliance risk assessment & training  to avoid costly OCR fines
  • Evaluation of information security controls effectiveness
  • Policies & procedures development unauthorized access, use, disclosure, modification, destruction or denial
  • Controls development information confidentiality, integrity, availability, recoverability, audit ability
  • Employee information security awareness & training program development

Physical Asset Protection

  • Facility physical security evaluation
  • Threat & vulnerability analysis
  • Security program development
  • Employee security awareness training –  insider threat, workplace violence & active shooter

Personnel Security

  • Development of employee hiring background investigation process
  • Employee terminations and removal
  • Guidance on policies, procedures, programs & methods to protect employees from harassment , threats & violence
  • Investigations process – collection & preservation of evidence to support post-investigation actions: employee discipline, civil proceedings & arbitration

Crisis Management

  • Assess and prioritize risks to mitigate unexpected catastrophic incidents
  • Incident or event response preparation and plan development – natural disaster, workplace violence and data breach
  • Advise on recovery (post incident) and resumption of operations

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